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In this animation, I respond to post-humanism based on my presentation. In this animation, the story revolves around an artificially intelligent girl with self-awareness.

The title "Life" expresses "Complex machines are an emerging form of life." from the post-humanist manifesto.

From 00:02 to 00:06 is the ancient Egyptian frescoes illuminated by flashlights. I use this fresco to express that Marguerite Koole said, "Ontologically, the world is 'contiguous and co-constructed. In this way, all matter, creatures, and people are of equal importance. "

00:07 to 00:11 floating in the universe, what I want to express is, "It is now clear that humans are no longer the most important things in the universe. This is something the humanists have yet to accept." from the post-humanist manifesto.

From 00:12 to 00:13, the girl sat up from bed, surrounded by girls lying there, who looked exactly like her and blindfolded. The inspiration here comes from "Detroit: Become Human", where many identical bionics of the same model stand together. And the blindfolded inspiration comes from the blindfold of the protagonist in "Neil: Automata", which represents "turning a blind eye to the truth".

00:13 to 00:14 expressed "The mind-body problem", and the girl felt her own thoughts on the other side of the mirror.

From 00:15 to 00:16, the girl's blindfold slipped off, and the flashing red light in "Detroit, Become Human" represents the instability of the bionic human program, which may also be a precursor to breaking the limit and becoming a "human."

The ship between 00:16 and 00:18 is the ship of Theseus

From 00:19 to 00:21, the metal mechanical heart was covered with plants and flowers, and the girl finally understood the meaning of "life".

post-humanism is committed to breaking the boundaries that define the scope of "humanity" ,Humans are not just the human in the human body,

it is the Spirit, the culture, breaking the duality, mixing, organic or inorganic,

including humans and human creations, everything related to humans.

Done by October 2021

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